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What's RACOR?

Since 1985, the mission of Réseau Alternatif et Communautaire des ORganismes (RACOR) en santé mentale de l’île de Montréal [Alternative and Community Network of Organizations in mental health on Montreal island] is to bring together, support, equip and represent community and alternative organizations in the region that work in mental health field.

The group is dedicated to promote the recognition of the unique competencies of its organizations, and the innovative and indispensable nature of the services they offer to the population. RACOR also aims to raise awareness, educate, and combat stigmas among government agencies and the general population.

We believe that each person has a story and each story has a face.

Feeling in crisis?

Here are some places you can call for crisis support as they are available to reach 24/7. These centers are here to help adults in times of distress (unhapiness due to depression, anxiety, or anguish, there are multiple situations that constitute a crisis).
Family members and friends are also welcome.

>> Crisis list - click here <<

Looking for support, activities, various services in mental health?

The services and activities offered by a hundred of community mental health organizations in the Montreal area are numerous and are located throughout the island:
Reception and orientation; Accompaniment; Artistic activities; Crisis center; Day and evening center; Advocacy; Documentation; Listening; Evaluation; Training; Self-help group; Housing; Integration at work and at school; Crisis intervention; Phone intervention; Citizen participation; Prevention of suicide; Prevention and promotion of mental health; Rehabilitation; Social inclusion; Respite; Social and judicial services; Services
for ethnocultural communities; Support for families and caregivers; Community support; Psychosocial intervention; Alternative therapies; Etc.

Useful resources for looking at community, public and parapublic organizations


Below are calendar events English only or bilingual.
Events can be training, conferences, activities, fundraising, support group, etc.